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Personal Development and Coaching Services

by Gahn Studios

Small Group Counseling

Career Development

Résumé and CV Guidance

Relocating Abroad

Small Biz Consulting

One-on-One Tutoring 

Entrepreneur Support 

Listening Support

Business Training

Financial Mapping

Emotional Wellness

Mental Health Support

Biblical Studies & Guidance

ESL Learning

Mock Interview Practice

Life Coaching

Test Preparatory

We are Your Coaches, Counselors, and Mentors



Adaptive Coaching

Redirection Counseling

Career Counselor

Relocation Guidance

Sustainability Mentor

TESOL Senior Instructor

Biblical / Torah Guidance

Wellness Coach

Certified and Experienced

Personal Development Coaches


Adult Transitioning Mentor

Economics and Finance Tutor

Financial Planning Counselor

Project Management Certifier

Humanitarian Speaker

Rose, Ageism Counselor


Spanish Tutor

Language Instructor

Ageism Counselor

Physical Disability Counselor

Wellness Instructor

Instructor, Content Creator


Canva & Adobe Trainer

Technical Support Instructor

Accounting Software Mentor

Wellness Support Coach

Community Manager 

Tony Yashar, Instructor and Coach


Wellness Coach

CRM Instructor

Organizational Leadership

Biblical /Torah Guidance

Relocation Counselor

B2B Mentor

Senior Advisor

Melvin, Coach and Tutor


Relationship Counseling

Youth Counelor

Anger Management Coach

Public Speaking Coach

Spanish Tutor

TESOL and History Instructor


TESOL Instructor

Community Manager

Youth Counselor

Listening Coach

Senior History and Geography Teacher

Biblical /Torah Guidance

Financial Coach


Travel Coach

Business Investment Counselor

Financial Planning Counselor

B2C Mentor

Wellness Coach

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We're here for you. 

You've come this far on your journey.
Well done.

Let's take the next step together.

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