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Company Culture—Your Key to Business Success

A Positive Work Culture: It's Way More than "Having Diversity"

positive company culture impacts consumers too

When planning for business success, most owners consider the cost-to-return ratio of marketing, staffing, and the soundness of their supply chain—as well as how they interact with their customers.

Few, however, think about how their internal culture can affect their business.

With more small-to-medium businesses cropping up every week, standing out from the crowd is not easy. If you believe that a "highly diverse team" is the answer, think again. —Leah

What is Company Culture (and Why Does it Matter)?

Company culture is a buzzword that refers to the internal social order, procedures, and practices which fuel a business. Unlike your business ethos, which primarily fuels the way your team members interact with your customers, your company culture dictates how they interact with each other—and view their work.

This is far more important to your business's success than you might think.

Your company culture is:

  • The way you lead

  • How your team works together

  • The way you take care of each other

It affects everything—from employee satisfaction and productivity to retention.

In fact, it can also impact the way the public sees a company.

For example, look at the negative press that Amazon received for its treatment of warehouse workers.


3 Effects of a Positive Company Culture

company culture shapes your company

Your company culture affects every single aspect of your business, but there are 3 main ways in which a positive company culture directly contributes to the success or failure of your business.

1. Increased Employee Satisfaction

A happy (and safe) staff is efficient and productive; by creating a positive and constructive culture, you can reduce unnecessary stress for your team members. Likewise, a positive culture that encourages teamwork will help your staff manage stress more effectively by encouraging solidarity.

Normalize it. Make it feel organic and welcoming for coworkers to turn to each other for help.

2. A Feeling of Ownership

Encourage a sense of ownership in your team members. When your team feels they have a personal stake in the business, they will put their heart and soul into their work. This will lead to increased customer satisfaction and a happier office environment.

3. Employee Retention

High employee retention matters—to both your employees and customers.

Keeping experienced, skilled, and passionate staff on your team should be a priority; your employees are the lifeblood of your business, after all. Above all, a high turnover is costly.

In short, your company culture is the glue that holds your business together; unseen by your clients and shareholders, it nonetheless fuels every aspect of your business.

From ensuring your staff are happier to instilling a sense of ownership and reducing costs, the culture you create can make or break your it really pays to invest in getting it right.

Ready to get it right? We are, too! Book a FREE discovery call with Gahn Studios and we'll listen to your ideas, provide you with deeper options we may offer, and find a scalable plan that meets your budget.


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