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Coding Opportunities and Education for Black Females and Other Minorities

Reskill Americans

Reskill Americans is launching tuition-free online software development training for historically underrepresented minorities throughout the U.S. Unlike other coding programs, Reskill Americans is solving the problem of access by eliminating typical barriers to entry such as tuition cost, prior software development knowledge, or other educational requirements.

The inaugural program begins March 15, 2021, and is accepting 1,000 participants who enroll by March 7, 2021.

Resource: Enroll at


Coding While Black and Female

A list of communities, projects and role models to support coding black females and their allies in making tech more diverse.

Resource: CodeOp.Tech


Future Learn

Future Learn hosted UAL Creative Computing Institute to showcase Anti-Racist Approaches in Technology. This course is part of the Improving Equality and Diversity with Technology ExpertTrack. Discover how current technologies reinforce racism and how you can implement anti-racist approaches in your context.

Learn more at:

Resource: Future Learn


Black Codher

Black Codher has been supported by over 15 corporate partners, through training and development or employment. 31,000 black people are now working in IT positions across the UK in the second quarter of the year.

Resource: Black Codher


Indeed Jobs Listings

Find open positions through Indeed's platform each day. Be prepared to sign up and adjust your email settings accordingly.


This list will be updated as we continue to research, investigate, and partner with organizations.

For more information, connect with us anytime.


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