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Gahn Source Introduces Subsidiary Gahn Studios

Gahn Solutions, LLC launches its subsidiary Gahn Studios, as the creative arm to its organization with an organic approach to personal and business development services and products.

"As a remote team of subject matter experts and leaders, I wanted to combine our professional skills with our unique creative approach to truly target Gahn's 'vertical liberation' vision," says founder and owner Leah Williams.

"It was time to [really] turn our focus towards this 'garden approach' vision that was given to me back in 2016. I was succeeding in sustainability projects and community outreach, however, my business footprint felt limited and shallow. Therefore, I prayerfully decided to combine both worlds. Sustainability outreach and business services."

Gahn Solutions now offers personal and business development services, alongside its sustainability outreach programs—with a more creative, unique outline that incorporates more of the founder's personality and team members' hidden gifts. She's passionate about propelling young adults into a more viable career path that teaches entrepreneurial strengths and on-hands training.

For more information about Gahn Studios' mission, visit 'About Us'.


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