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Gahn Studios Carries the Torch in Case Study and Global Research Programs

With an eight-year stretch, providing case study research and thought-leadership content, Gahn Studios keeps the momentum flowing within the Global Business Research industry in North America, Africa, and beyond.

Director of Global Business Research Tony Yashar spearheaded a 6-year tech market project, becoming the first Black American expat to manage international programs and deliver corporate social responsibility initiatives in Southern Africa.

"Data and market research will remain static and motionless—without an in-person approach to gathering and disseminating the information gained through ground-zero experience. Collecting data from third parties, versus researchers that work within these stores, will provide case study writers with more fiction than facts," says Tony during an interview. "Don't let research companies take you for a ride. Find out if their researchers and SMEs live and work in these locations before purchasing statistics and data analysis reports. In other words, research the researchers."

Tony is a published author, with contributions as an SME spanning from the U.S. to Botswana. His recent series "Electronics and You" sheds insight on his experiences, which

became a go-to statistical resource for several tech marketing entities locally and worldwide. He serves as the Director of Global Business Research for The Kuah Project in Southern Africa.

For more information about Gahn Studios' mission, visit 'About Us'.


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