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[Quick] Key Points to Consider When Searching for The Best Freelance Writer

Keeping It Simple For Your 'DIY' Search

The Best Freelance Writer

Finding the Best Freelance Writer

Are you looking for a reliable freelance writer to professionally accomplish your next digital campaign or project? Well, you've come to the right place.

Here, we'll briefly review some key points to consider when looking for your next content writer.

Check the freelance writer's work ethics

Work Ethic and Dependability

Finding a freelance writer with excellent work ethics is a prominent attribute to look for in your search. Remote writers often have a life full of distractions that can cause a number of inefficient work behaviors, including poor time management skills. This, from time to time, can lead to your projects being turned in late, or even unfinished. Having this unpredictability when it comes to your professional projects is frustrating, so when you are searching for a freelance writer, try to find someone who consistently makes their deadlines with top-rated content.

Another great way to determine a remote writer's dependability is to correspond with them directly before committing to their work. You can often determine how reliable they will be by the manner in which they respond to you.

Were they timely and respectful?

Did they ask clarifying questions?

Do they write with proper grammar?

The Best Freelance Writer Has Work Samples

Samples/Experience—What is Their 'Tone of Voice'?

Finding samples of your potential freelance writers is a must.

The number of samples you find can give you an idea of how much experience the writer has, and their tone of voice. The tone of voice can be crucial in getting your digital campaign or project across to your audience in the way you want it to.

If a writer is too casual, or too scientific, the message of your specific project can get lost. Be sure to source a handful of samples, giving you the best idea of what your project's end results will be.


TIP #1: The best freelance writer will not show you samples with tons of fluff and fillers.

TIP #2: We strongly discourage you from asking for "free samples". If you want to put your potential writer to the test, offer compensation for a short writing sample (topic of your choice). You'll also need to establish how you will pay your freelance writer(s).

TIP #3: Be flexible to negotiate a meaningful contract. Contracts provide expectations upfront. It doesn't have to be long and fancy—just clear and concise expectations for everyone (the best freelance writer and you).

The Best Freelancer Writer

Ready to take it to the next level and find the best freelance writer for your particular project? Seeking an SME (subject matter expert) that can leverage your voice, boost your brand identity, build consumer trust through high-quality content, and immerse themselves in your services/product through a free discovery session?

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